The Magus on DVD

Nearly 40 years after it first appeared on the big screen, The Magus was released
in 2006 by 20th Century Fox on DVD in the U.S.  This is a beautiful widescreen-format print which is a vast improvement over the European video copies that had been available in the past.  Along with the original theatrical trailer, the DVD includes a short documentary on John Fowles, featuring historical photos, scenes from the film, and interviews with the following individuals who knew Fowles and his work:

1. Eileen Warburton, Fowles' biographer.  Her book John Fowles--A Life in Two Worlds was published in 2004 (click here for details).

2. Ray Roberts, Fowles' U.S. editor for many years at Little Brown publishers.

3. Dianne Vipond, a Fowles scholar and editor of the book Conversations with John Fowles.

4. Anna Christie, Fowles' step-daughter.

5. David Tringham, a film director who worked on the movie adaptation of The Magus.

6. Bob Goosmann, John Fowles--The Web Site webmaster.

The Magus DVD is now out of print and difficult to obtain...however, we have brand new copies for sale.  Click here for more details (then scroll down to "Movie Adaptations" on the left).